Functional Resume - Tony Toews

Seasoned Professional

I have over thirty years of creating solutions for clients. Accountability has been fundamental throughout my career. My career has spanned many roles from designing, programming and installing application systems to technical support and trouble shooting.

As you can see throughout the pages at Tony's Main Microsoft Access my current area of expertise is Microsoft Access.  I've worked with Access starting with version 1.0 and have programmed a wide variety of systems for a broad range of clients. I've also created several stand-alone utilities in Access and Visual Basic which are freely available for downloading from my website.. I also have some experience in Visual Basic and SQL Server.

I have "mentored" a number of clients in getting them up to speed in Access.  I also have assisted many people on Fidonet BBSs in the 1990s and Usenet and Microsoft newsgroups since then..  My Google Groups posting profile shows more than 33,000 messages since May of 1997.

MVP Logo Microsoft has awarded me the Most Valued Professional (MVP) award since 1999 due to my assistance to the  Microsoft Access community. You can see my Microsoft MVP Profile. There are about a hundred MVPs in the world specializing in MS Access with about six of us in Canada.  I've also been a member of the Access Insiders group providing direct confidential pre alpha release feedback to Microsoft.

I have published a Mastering Microsoft Access article on the Microsoft website. (Unfortunately it was removed recently.) I've given a number of presentations to local users groups and have been a technical editor for several industry magazines and books.. My major publication is the 150 pages of advanced Access tips at Tony's Main Microsoft Access Pages which are updated very regularly.

Tony's Main Microsoft Access website has consistently been mentioned as one of the best three or four websites with respect to advanced topics Microsoft Access. There are dozens of links to pages on my site every day in the online community.  The site was first created in 1995 using Notepad.   I've joined the blogging world with Tony's Microsoft Access Blog in May of 2007.

I also run my own web server for this website and a number of others based on Windows 2003 Server running IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Server, email, FTP, and DNS.  My major platforms during the eighties and early nineties were the IBM mini-computer line through the S/34, S/36, S/38 and the AS/400 as well as PC compatibles and networks.

My clients have ranged from one-person outfits in my small town to the largest employers in the Edmonton area as well as as number of companies in Canada, the U.S. and Europe

I've been a director of the Vermilion and District Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Vermilion Economic Development Committee, a board member of the Vermilion Public Library and the Northern Alberta Brain Injury Society.

Business Applications Experience

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • Purchasing
  • Order Entry
  • Inventory Control
  • Local Government Accounting
  • Airline Cargo Revenue
  • Airline Passenger Revenue


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