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(Updated 2013-01-20)


I thought these were interesting, useful, unusual, wound up on my favourites or just tickled my fancy.  Many of which have been brought to my attention by fellow MVPs.

To quote John Vinson, a fellow MVP "I understand that one of the archives [which is no longer readable] consists of a huge library full of 556 bpi 3/4" tape in a mine in Nebraska, with (formerly) classified Air Force satellite images of most of the planet, from the 1970's. A lot of land-use and climate change scientists REALLY wish that somebody could come up with the money to move this data onto modern media. Having a 30 year baseline for the images would be VERY helpful!   that's 556 bits per inch of tape... 2400 foot tape... just over 2 megabyte reel end to reel end!) but they should have been copied onto new (and newer format) media every two or three years. They weren't. The whole roomful would undoubtedly fit on a single DVD."    (New 2003-11-09)  

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